Lovebugs are what we term a "nuisance pest." They are actually little flies related to gnats. They are a real bother but do not bite, sting, poison or spread diseases. We have no effective poisons or repellents but it is possible to minimize their effects on your environment. Lovebugs are poor fliers and can be kept out of your home by leaving your air-conditioning fan on to create positive pressure. If a few lovebugs get in, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. They aggregate when there is a lack of wind. Obviously, have screens on your windows and keep doors closed on the up wind side of your house. A fan can be used outside near a chair. Lovebugs only fly during the day and are much less abundant in the early and late parts of the day. This can help with driving. They are easy to clean off of vehicles before they get baked on by the sun. Lovebugs are abundant only for a few weeks each year, usually in May and September. Although lovebugs exist all over the state, they can be abundant in some areas and less common in others.

You can learn more about lovebugs from our lovebug PowerPoint presentation