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IPM Florida Innovation Grants Program

Purpose of Innovation Grants Program

Funding is difficult to obtain for IPM research and Extension projects, particularly for County Extension faculty. Yet, moderate investments can yield major benefits in advancing IPM for agriculture, communities and natural areas across Florida. The UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Extension and IPM Florida consequently agreed to fund an innovation grants program to mobilize County Extension faculty and Extension Specialists in developing creative, innovative projects to provide IPM for growers, industry groups, consumers, students, and the general public.

Types of Projects

The following types of projects were needed: workshops, exhibits, website development, computer-based training, brochures, fact sheets, publications, mass media communications, local and distance education courses, tests of non-chemical IPM technologies or products and practices that integrate pesticides, and evaluation of IPM adoption by clientele groups.


All UF/IFAS faculty and staff members working in IPM are eligible to receive an IPM Florida Innovation Grant. These grants support projects that enable Extension faculty members to provide IPM information and training to the citizens of Florida.

Major Objectives of the Program

The IPM Florida Innovation Grants Program strives to create partnerships, encourage synergy, increase program recognition and provide research, education and Extension opportunities. Any creative, innovative project that provides IPM for growers, industry groups, consumers, students, or the general public is considered. Selection criteria developed by IPM Florida and the grants panel require grants to: promote creative, innovative, and timely projects; have direct county Extension faculty involvement; have potential for widespread, positive impact on IPM in Florida; improve partnerships between IFAS agents, researchers and clientele; and support applicants with great need and limited resources, i.e., new agents/faculty, teaching/learning activities.

Results of the Projects

Results of the projects are shared widely across Florida, the Southeast and nationally via the IPM Florida website Grants Showcase. A report is written for each project as an IPM success story that briefly describes activities and outcomes, and any appropriate quantitative measures of IPM dissemination and adoption. Projects must satisfy at least one (preferably more than one) of the following national IPM objectives: (1) Safeguard human health and the environment, (2) Achieve benefits through IPM strategies or technologies, (3) Disseminate IPM knowledge, and (4) Enhance stakeholder collaboration.

During 2004-06, approximately 55 grants were funded for a total of $260,000. This very popular program has disseminated a considerable amount of IPM information in all seven areas of activity (federal categories applied to Florida): People and Communities, Ornamentals and Turf, Vegetables, Watersheds and River Basins, Pasture and Forage Crops, Citrus, and Deciduous and Small Fruits.

See our Grants Showcase - This section contains success stories of projects we have funded in the past.



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