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IPM Toolbox

toolboxFor questions regarding this toolbox, please contact:

Rafael A. Vega, IPM Information Specialist
P.O. Box 110620
Gainesville, FL 32611-0620

Toolboxes include scripted educational Material for use by Extension. In the past, these materials were delivered to extension agents in small groups of five to ten agents. Agents who received toolboxes were shown the materials, then given short lessons using the included materials. It was a way to introduce the material in the toolbox and give them a hands-on approach to delivering the materials to their clientele group. More recently, we have made all this material online and available for extension agents to use immediately. With this program in place, Agents feel more comfortable educating the general public about Florida’s diverse insect ecosystems.  The Florida extension effort in IPM has concentrated on educating clientele in the principles and benefits of IPM, and training people in the skills needed to identify and classify insects into helpful or harmful categories.

Collaborative IPM Florida efforts in IPM involve a range of stakeholders and have helped to cause reductions in the use of high-risk pest management practices, such as the application of broad-spectrum pesticides, in vegetable and ornamental plant production, public schools, and other contexts. A close relationship exists with IPM Florida and Florida’s Agriculture extension agents. These agents are the first responders to questions ranging from, "what is making this spot on my rose leaf", to "how do I kill this (insert pest of choice)". To help serve extension agents IPM Florida has developed an IPM Toolbox that includes entomological education material that goes beyond non scripted PowerPoint presentations. The actual Toolboxes included a ‘Good Bug, Bad Bug’ box that has pinned specimens that are commonly found in Florida. These specimen boxes serve every extension agent differently. Some use the boxes to educate Master Gardener groups some use them in 4H training while others have used the specimens to teach landscape professionals the difference between pest and beneficial insects.  The Toolboxes have been distributed to every County in Florida. Please feel free to download any of the following documents below to use for your educational purposes.  

4H Scavenger Hunt (New 2010 edition )

Guide to Pests and Beneficials (New 2010 edition)

Insect Sheets

IPM Projects

Other Documents in Toolbox

PowerPoint Presentations and Scripts



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