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IPM Florida DVD

UF/IFAS IPM Florida released a 90-minute DVD of successful IPM projects focusing on how different methods of insect IPM Florida DVDcontrol impact agriculture, communities and natural areas. This newly released disk is titled “Integrated Pest Management in Florida.” IPM Florida’s Drs. Jennifer Gillett and Norm Leppla present fundamental IPM knowledge and practices by exhibiting examples of successful IPM projects in 20 clear and concise 2- to 3-minute segments. This DVD was designed as an educational resource appropriate for most audiences.

The contents panel on the back cover of the disk contains a legend that indicates the specific emphasis of each segment. “Integrated Pest Management in Florida” emphasizes the IPM practices of scouting and biological, chemical, cultural, and mechanical control methods.

The three specific categories of agriculture, communities, and natural areas easily divide IPM content into well-defined sections, allowing both the IPM novice and experienced scientist to navigate through the disk while searching for specific information on an array IPM interests and methods.

“Integrated Pest Management in Florida” DVD disks are available from IPM Florida by contacting Dr. Jennifer Gillett.


Contents of the IPM Florida DVD:

The DVD contains a set of successful IPM Projects.
The videos emphasize Scouting (S) and the control methods: Biological (B), Chemical (C), and Cultural & Mechanical (M).

1. Introduction (2 min.)
2. Tomatoes I (2 min.) (S)
3. Tomatoes II (9 min.) (C) (M)
4. Strawberries (13 min). (B) (S)
5. Foliage Plants (8 min.) (B)
6. Beneficial Birds (2 min.) (B) (M)
7. Mole Crickets (5 min.) (B)

1. Introduction (2 min.)
2. School IPM (2 min.) (B) (C) (M) (S)
3. Florida Yards (5 min.) (B) (C) (M)
4. Termite Awareness (2 min.) (S)
5. Termite Dog (2 min.) (S)
6. Mosquito Control (2 min.) (B)
7. Mosquito Diet Pill (2 min.) (C)
8. Golf course Pesticides (2 min.) (C)

Natural Areas:
1. Introduction (1 min.)
2. Fire Ants (2 min.) (B)
3. Brazilian Pepper Tree (2 min.) (B)
4. Climbing Fern (7 min.) (C)
5. Melaleuca (16 min.) (B) (C) (M)


Click here to view IPM Florida online videos.


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