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Mosquito Population Characterization and Management Using IPM Practices in Bradford County

Project description and objectives:

Bradford County VolunteersThis is a continuation of the Bradford County mosquito control program. All  particulars described in the 2006/2007 project will be followed. However, there are three distinct areas where significant gains can be made by building on the previous year’s work.

First, continuation of the project lends the opportunity to solidify the contributions of the program to the local community. Besides the added benefits of having more
experienced volunteers and continued public education campaigns, there is a need to build on the raw data collected with respect to mosquito population frequency
statistics. Mosquito populations are highly variable because their numbers depend on rainfall and temperature extremes. Because of this, accurate cost/benefit
analysis requires more data to measure the impact that IPM application contributes to mosquito management efficiency.

Second, although certain successes were attained last year, there is opportunity to strengthen areas identified as the project was being implemented. Specific areas
are: to help the county mosquito control applicator prepare for the pesticide application exam and to help the county mosquito control stream line their record keeping of adulticide application.

The last area to be addressed is the expansion of the Buzz Buster program. The City of Callahan Mosquito Control has committed to working with Rebecca Jordi through the Nassau County Extension office to implement a Buzz Buster program. Since the project involves more than disseminating information, a “grow slowly” approach to project expansion is being proposed. For this reason, the plan is to only add one county this year. 

Specific objectives include:
1. To utilize all appropriate IPM practices possible for Bradford County mosquito control.
2. To maximize the benefits gained from sampling efforts by sharing collected samples and data with appropriate researchers.
3. To enhance public awareness regarding mosquito control and the health risks associated with high mosquito populations.
4. To provide education opportunities for all sectors of the community regarding IPM practices and strategies.
5. To add another year of mosquito population data.
6. Train county mosquito control applicator.
7. Expand the program to Nassau County.


Project leader:

  • Jim DeValerio, Agricultural Extension Agent,
    Bradford County Cooperative Extension Service

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