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Urban IPM at the Farmers Market: Reaching Non-Traditional Audiences

What is it and what did we do?

The venue for this project is the Naples Farmers Market.  Why the farmers market? The market although in an urban setting is a gathering place for many Naples residents, tourists and seasonal snowbirds – the non traditional audience we are trying to reach. This audience may or may not personally care for their environmental landscapes but they have the power to influence the landscapers, pest industry representatives and other service industry personnel that are hired to do just that.

Our primary objective is to provide to the urban participants of the farm market an awareness of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM ) and Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FYN) principles that may reduce pollution and enhance their environment by improving home and landscape management practices.

Additional objectives are to provide participants an awareness of the diversity of program topics that can be presented through Extension programming especially urban horticulture, FYN and IPM. Increase consumer awareness of IPM and FYN programs and how they might influence the incorporation of these principles into their home and office landscapes through personal use, contract landscapers and consultation with their homeowners association landscape maintenance companies.



The person that made this happen:

  • Robert Halman, County Extension Director and Agriculture Agent, Collier County
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