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Landscape Pest Fact Sheets: Exotic and Invasive Insect Pests of Ornamental and Landscape Plants in South Florida

Bark psocids are a pest on bark trees, but do not cause damageProject description and objectives:

Homeowners and commercial nurseries and landscapers need assistance in identifying and managing exotic and invasive insect pests on ornamental plants in south Florida. Much of the current Florida Extension literature does not address or emphasize such pests, and this program seeks to remedy that problem.

Project activities:

A survey of the County Horticultural Agents in south Florida was conducted to determine which key exotic and invasive pests they routinely encounter. A one page fact sheet was developed for the top 25 pests that covered the following topics: current infestation range; description/biology; host plants; damage; management; and sources for additional information. Pocketsize flashcards for these pests will also be developed as a quick reference tool for users and as a for sale publication. In addition each county will receive a CD Insect Photo gallery of the top 25 pests in south Florida that will be in web, presentation and print format. These CDs will be used by agents for developing PowerPoint presentations or for printing enlarged photos for displays, lectures or articles.

Project accomplishments:

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Project leaders:


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